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Squirrelstar is the current leader of MountainClan. He currently has 8 lives left.

Description Edit

Squirrelstar is a white tabby tom /w/ a very fluffy dark ginger tail. He has a ginger patches underneath his ears. His ears are tufted and tapered. His pads are harder than any SkyClan cat's, they are also slightly rubbery to help him grip rocks and sandy slopes better. He is very fast and can climb like a squirrel.


History Edit

Squirrelkit was born to Onestar and Whitetail of WindClan, along /w/ his brother, Mousekit, and his sister, Honeykit, in the middle of a very hot and dry greenleaf.

At the age of 6 moons he was apprenticed to Ketrelflight, to become a medicine cat. At the age of a year and half, he recieved his full name as a medicine cat (Squirrelclaw). Two moons later Kestrelflight died when he was struck by lightning while herb gathering. Squirrelclaw quickly took Kestelpaw, named in honor of Kestrelflight, as an apprentice.

It was greenleaf once again, and it was the worst any WindClan cat had evetr known. The deputy, Weaslefur, leaves WindClan to form another Clan, with StarClan's approval, because of the drought. Miraculously, StarClan sent him a sign to make Squirrelclaw deputy. He agrees and Kestrelpaw becomes the medicine cat of the new Clan, named Kestreltalon.